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Jobs Available While You Study!   There are many schools which provide you excellent work-and-study opportunities.  Please fill out the "find an opportunity" form or email us and we will introduce you to a school that best matches your credentials. 

There are many affordable colleges and universities, which have some type of employment opportunity for graduate and undergraduate international students.    In the U.S., graduate and undergraduate students can either participate in on-campus employment or off-campus, curicular practical training (CPT) usually after one academic year of study (9 months.)  In some cases, graduate students can participate in CPT as early as the beginning of their studies.  In order for immediate CPT graduate students must be enrolled in a class or program that requires mandatory employment as part of the class/program.  Read more about the different kinds of employment opportunities. 

HTIR specializes in first year work-study opportunities at universities, where students can participate in immediate paid employment in companies, in order to enhance their educational experience, as well as, earn money.  Let us find you an opportunity!

HTIR will assist you in applying to a school which has one or more of the following criteria:

Work: Our list of available schools have legal first year employment for international students.   Read more about the different work opportunities for international students.

Earn: In all of the work and study opportunities, students earn money for which they can use to pay for educational and living expenses.

Affordable Tuition: Our list of available schools have low tuition. 

Payment Plans: Some of the schools have payment plans available for international students.

Find an Opportunity

Interested in finding an opportunity to work and study? Fill out our short form and we'll have a representative contact you to match your needs to a work and study opportunity.