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Due to COVID-19 our program has changed until further notice.  Please contact us for more information.

GREAT NEWS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS!  If your school IS NOT going to be open for in-person-only instruction due to COVID-19, and therefore, due to current US visa policy,you will not be issued a visa, HTIR has univerisities offering alternatives for you.  Contact us for more information!

Changes made for COVID-19:

Great News! The Most Affordable Master Degrees in the USA at this time are ‘COMBINATION” programs which offer “Work-and-Earn-While-You-Study” opportunities which you can start now.   HTIR WORK-STUDY, USA can do a search for you to locate such universities which can best fit your goals and budget. The “combination” programs consist of the following:

  1.  First, taking up to 6 courses of Online study while continuing to live at home in your home country and then,
  2. Secondly, taking the remainder of the courses in the USA where you can work and earn in paid off-campus employment until you graduate, and then,
  3. Third, staying one more year (or more for STEM majors), of working in the USA in Optional Practical Training in an American company


During your first year, while you are taking on-line classes, you can save a lot of money because you can live at home for a much less cost than what accommodations would cost in the U.S.  And also, because the tuition fees per credit hour for on-line courses is much lower than the cost for on-site classes in the U.S.  In addition, you will be granted an additional 25% tuition scholarship for all on-line classes taken in the first year.  Finally, you will NOT need to show now a bank statement of your own or of a sponsor in order to qualify for on-line courses which you will be taking in your home country.

And, when you choose to apply to come to the U.S. to finish your degree on the campus, the bank statement which you will need to show at that time will be smaller than normal.  Further, beginning from the first semester of your studies in the U.S., you will have the legal right to off-campus paid employment, which salaries can be used by you to pay for your tuition and most of your living expenses during that second year in your Master degree program.  

Then, after graduation, you can choose to stay in the U.S. for an additional 12 months (or longer for STEM majors) by engaging in Optional Practical Training, whereby you can work full time for American companies, earning money for all of your living expenses, (while paying no more tuition or fees to the university).

This program is available for the following students:

(a) Students abroad who want start the “combination” program now by enrolling in their first on-line course while still living in their home country, and/or for:

(b)   Students who are currently enrolled in other schools in the U.S. who would like to transfer to a different school in the U.S. which offers a work-and-earn-while-you-study opportunity, and/or for:

 (c) J-1 and B-1 visa holders in the U.S. who want to change status to F-1 and attend one of our recommended work-study schools.

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