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FAQ: School Admissions

Q. Is there a deadline for applying?

A. Most schools have start dates from five weeks to three months. Applications will be accepted and processed at all times of the year and the school will make special efforts to notify the applicants quickly of the status of their applications.

Q. Why are the schools asking for a bank statement?

A. The bank statement requirement is a U.S. government regulation. INS needs validation that you have enough money to pay for all of your educational expenses for the first academic year of study. You will need the bank statement before the school can issue an I-20. You also will need it for your visa interview, as well as, at the Port of Entry when you arrive in the United States

Q. I can not get my bank statement until I have an acceptance letter. Can I send my application packet in now (without a financial document) and send the bank statement in after I receive acceptance?

A. Yes, your application can be processed with most schools without the financial documents. As soon as you do receive your financial documentation you will need to submit it, because the school cannot issue your I-20 without having the required financial documents. If you need the acceptance letter before you can get the financial documents, then please write a note to the school stating this fact and include it with your application packet. This way the school can go ahead and process your application without the financial information.

Q. Does the bank statement have to be in a sponsor's name or is it ok if it is in my name?

A. The bank statement can be either from your bank account or that of a "sponsor", or a combination of the two bank statements. If you use a sponsor's bank statement you will also need to have the sponsor write a letter to the school stating the following: \"I am the sponsor for _______ and I intend to provide him/her with financial assistance during his/her first year at the (name of school) up to the amount of $_____,

Q. What should I do if my bank statement does not reflect US dollars?

A. If you can not obtain a bank statement reflecting the equivalent value of your money in U.S. dollars, you may get the conversion from the internet. Just print the page showing the conversion and include it with your bank statement.

Q. Can I have more then one sponsor?

A. You can have as many sponsors as you need. However, you and the sponsors need to make it clear to the visa officials why they are willing to provide money to you for your education in the U.S.

Q. I am from a country where all the schools are taught in English. Why do I need to submit English Proficiency Documents?

A. order to not be in violation of the accreditation association, the schools need to have physical documentation in the student's file. Unless the country is considered to have English as the first language, (i.e. Canada, U.S., Australia, UK) all applicant's need to submit physical proof of proficiency.

Q. What is required in order to bring my spouse and family?

A. In order for your spouse and/or children to accompany you, the university must issue a separate I-20 form. Your family can apply for an F-2 (dependant) visa. The university will need the following information for each family member (including spouse): full name, date of birth, country of birth, and country of citizenship. The schools will also require birth certificates for children, marriage license, and copies of all dependent passports. The school will also need an additional $6,000 per dependent showing on the bank statement.

Q. Is the GRE or GMAT score required for admission?

A. Some school will not require that you have taken either the GMAT or the GRE exams. However, we recommend you take the GMAT or GRE exam. We suggest this because, having taken the test, you are more likely to be viewed as a more serious student by the U.S. visa officer when you go to apply for your visa.

Q. What if I am in my last semester of undergraduate study. Can I apply to the program now?

A. Some schools will process your application even if you have not yet graduated. You can send the transcripts that you now have along with the other required application materials. Also, include a letter indicating that your final transcripts will be sent as soon as you have received them from the school. In the meantime, the school can work on "conditional" acceptance for you--that is, you can be accepted for admission subject only to presenting those final documents of graduation. Please contact us to find a list of schools that will process your file in this manner.

Q. How do I apply for a work study opportunity ?

A. We can give you a list of schools which we know have work study options. Visit our admissions article for more information about the admissoins process

Q. How can I figure out my GPA ?

A. Visit our article on "how to covert a GPA"

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