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Sample Intern Employment Options

U.S. Jobs Available While You Study!   Below is a sample of companies which have hired school interns.

Note: Those with the higher salaries have previous work experience and excellent English speaking ability.

Employment Company Position Salary Range
Accounting firm Accountant $15-20 per hour
Affinity Development Group Software Developer $50-55 per hour
AIG financial Advisors Advisor $15-20 per hour
Amazon Accountant $40-60 per hour
American Express Customer Assistance $10-15 per hour
Apple One / Metro Transit Data Entry $10-15 per hour
Areotek Civil Engineer $36,000 per year
Arron Metals Bookkeeper 20,000-30,000 annual
Baskin Robins Sales Associate $9-12 per hour
Berfdorfs German Chocolate  retail store keeper $9-12 per hour
Berkeley Publications Accountant $15-20 per hour
Best Buy, Inc. Customer service and sales  $9-12 per hour
Best Buy, Inc. I.T. Sales Manager $9-12 per hour
Bio Tech Adams circuit bd manufact. $9-15 per hour
Buels Bookkeeper $15-20 per hour
Burlington Coat Factory Sales $12-15 per hour
California Dept of Health Assistant Administrator $25-30 per hour
California EDD Analyst $40-60 per hour
Cardinal Health Medical Device Assembly $9-10 per hour
Cardinal Health Electro/Mechanical assembly $9-12 per hour
Care Fusion Medical Device Assmbly $9-12 per hour
CCS Global Tech I.T. Recruiting $9-12 per hour
CCS Global Tech Business Development Specialist $15-20 per hour
CCS Global Tech I.T. Recruiting $9-12 per hour
Chase Bank/JP Morgan Personal Banker $25-30 per hour
Chervron Accountant $16-18 per hour
Citibank Bank Teller $9-12 per hour
Conair-Milpitas Bio Tech Engineer $12-15 per hour
Convergence Customer Care $9-12 per hour
Convergys Customer Assistance $12-14 per hour
COX COMMUNICATIONS Technical Support Specialist $12-18 per hour
Deloitte Consulting $15-25 per hour
Delta Airline Customer Assistance $12-15 per hour
Delta Design Design Engineer $20-25 per hour
Dillards Sales Rep $12-15 per hour
Direct Contact Media Process Agent $9-12 per hour
Food For Less Cashier/Customer $8-12 per hour
Frontline Direct Inc. Systems Technician $15-18 per hour
Fry's Electronics Computer Sales and Support $9-12 per hour
GNC Assistant Manager $9-12 per hour
Goldman Sachs Financial Advisor $50-55 per hour
Google - Oracle IT $60,000 per year
Hitachi Accountant $18-20 per hour
Holiday Hospital RN $18-20 per hour
Home Instead Customer Assistant $9-12 per hour
HTIR Office Assistant $9-12 per hour
India center milpitas Bookkeeper $9-12 per hour
Innovations International Bookkeeper $9-12 per hour
Inter-contin. Hotel Reservations $15-18 per hour
Intermountain Healthcare Surgical Technician $15-20 per hour
ITECH - Executive Director HR Position $50-55 per hour
Kelly I.T. Resources Software Tech Engineer $15-25 per hour
Jacob Tyler Creative Grp Web Developer $8-12 per hour
Japaneese Restaurant Bookkeeper $8-12 per hour
Kanvin   $8-12 per hour
Kelly I.T. Resources Software Test Engineer $18-20 per hour
Kimpton Hotel chef $9-12 per hour
Kindred Healthcare CAN $9-12 per hour
Lincoln University Admissions Assistant $9-12 per hour
LM Caldwell Pharmacy Customer Assistant $9-12 per hour
Louisville Trust Customer Assistant $9-12 per hour
MAC consulting Media consultant $9-12 per hour
Macys retail clerk $9-12 per hour
Manpower Engagement Representative $9-12 per hour
Manpower Career Services Assistant $9-12 per hour
Manpower Receptionist / Newsletter Editor $9-12 per hour
Mass Mutual Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Maverick Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Microsoft Play Station Developers $60-65 per hour
Monroe employment Agency Admin Assistant $14-20 per hour
Nations Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Neothings Inc Engineering Technician $15-20 per hour
Network, Inc. Network Administration $18-20 per hour
Oracle-SAP Admin Assistant $30-40 per hour
Poway Project Manger $15-20 per hour
Presby Comm Center Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Private School Math Tutor $9-12 per hour
Qualcomm market analyst intern $18-28 per hour
QWEST Communications Assistance $9-12 per hour
Radio Shack, Inc. retail $9-12 per hour
Ramair Co. Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
REM Nursing Aide $18-20 per hour
Denny's Developer $9-12 per hour
SAN DIEGO STATE UNIV  Tutor $9-12 per hour
SCHARFFEN BERGER  customer service $9-12 per hour
Sears, Inc retail $9-12 per hour
24 hour fitness Assistant Trainer $12-25 per hour
Select Furniture Administration Assistant $9-15 per hour
Seven Eleven Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Sneed Accountant $9-12 per hour
Snelling Recruiting Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Speedway   $9-12 per hour
Sony Software Engineer $25-65 per hour
Sony Online Entertainment Software Engineer $25-65 per hour
SPLN   $9-12 per hour
Subway Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Sweetwater School District Software Application Technician $20-30 per hour
Target, inc. Sale associate $9-12 per hour
Target, Inc. Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Temp. Security Security $12-15 per hour
TIAA-CREF   $9-12 per hour
TIME WARNER COMM Technical Support $12-15 per hour
Trader Joes & Starbuck Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Tutor Lab   $9-12 per hour
UnitedDot Software developer $20-25 per hour
Universal Marketing Marketing Assistant $20-25 per hour
Verizon Communications retail sales $9-12 per hour
Von's Inc Customer Service $8-12 per hour
V-Soft Consulting Consulting $9-12 per hour
Walmart Cashier $12-15 per hour
Walmart  Department Manager $15-20 per hour
Wells Fargo Bank Teller $9-12 per hour

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