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Why are Students Interested in the Work Study Option?

When students are asked why they are interested in a Master's Work Study program, this is what they say:  I will have better job prospects with a US degree. I can acquire US work experience. I can help pay for the cost of my education. I can make international friends and be of greater value to the workforce in my home country.

A US degree is highly valued in the world.  Many international students want to go to the US for higher education to move their careers forward as quickly as possible.   Many candidates have learned that a person outside the US, with a US degree will most likely be awarded the promotion over another person with similar skills and experience.   This allows US degree holders to reach a higher position in management and a greatly increased salary rate in a much shorter time than it would take them to advance without the US degree. 

International students enrolled in US degree programs that have incorporated a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Work Study component into the degree requirements will have the opportunity to work in an American business for the duration of their degree program. These paid internship positions, that provide "an integral part of an established curriculum" relate directly to the student's classroom studies.  Students will have the opportunity to take the theoretical knowledge from the classroom into a real business environment.  This affords students a chance to gain practical, hands-on experience with American business practices, and the experience of collaborating with US professionals in the work place.  Employers know that direct experience in an American workplace exposes an international student to the information, financial, and management systems common to business in America. 

As our world shrinks, we become more aware of our responsibility to understand peoples of other cultures.  What better way to learn about another society than to work side-by-side each day towards common goals.  Students are greatly aware of the global society of today and in their future, and are eager to share cultures and make new international friends.

Another benefit of a work study opportunity is that students will be earning US wages in their internship positions.  These funds can be used by the student to help pay for his/her educational and living expenses while in the US.  This can be a great help to parents who are the primary financial support for their children's education.

In approximately two years or less, a student in a US Master's program with a CPT Work Study component has saved himself time in working towards promotions and salary increases.  The student has saved his parents money by providing additional financial support for his own education.  Upon returning home, the student is more likely to be offered a promotion and an increased salary. The knowledge gained from US work experience can be shared and passed on to co-workers and employers at home, and the student has made new friends to take into the future of our shared global society.


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