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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Yes, There are Jobs in the USA

By Jon Cleary November 20, 2009

As you may know, in 2009 the unemployment rate in the United States experienced a significant increase because of the current recession.  However, the HTIR master program interns continue to secure employment.  Why?  Because HTIR, its associates, and the universities are all working together to give the HTIR intern the proper tools and skills that he/she needs in order to successfully find and secure employment in the U.S. 

The assistance provided by the universities and its associates, is similar to having a private "employment coach" who works with each intern individually, training him/her how to be successful in obtaining employment.   Please read Jon Cleary's article on what the unemployment rate really means.

However, you should know that getting a job in the US is not something that is "given" to you.  You must have ambition and determination in order to obtain employment.   The type of job you receive will also be determined by your experience, skills and English ability. 

Finding a job can be a difficult time consuming task, even for Americans living in the United States.  But, if you know where and how to locate the job, then you will have much success in getting employment in the US.

Many people do not understand the many tips and tricks of getting employed.  They may not know how to effectively network, or how to write a winning resume, cover letter, or thank you letter.  Many do not know how, or even understand the importance of making a good first impression during the job interview.  Perhaps most importantly, many Americans do not have the network contacts or job leads that HTIR, its associates, and the universities have. 

How is the US Economy Affecting the HTIR Master Program Interns?

Below are unemployment statistics from the US government (Nov 2009).  Note that the area most effected by the current US economy are those with no college education.  Because all of HTIR master program interns have Bachelor degrees they tend to not be effected as much by today's economy. 

Unemployment rate by education,   As of November 2009 below are the unemployment rate based on education:

     Less than a high school diploma 15%

     High school graduates, no college 10.4%

     Some college or associate degree 9.0%

     Bachelor's degree and higher 4.9%   (HTIR master program interns)

As of Nov 2009, (during the worse recession in the US since the depression, 89% of the HTIR master program interns are employed.  Those who are not employed have just recently arrived to the US and, therefore, have not had adequte time to find employment.

Although employment has fallen in construction, manufacturing, and retail trade, other fields continue to add jobs.  Health care employment continued to increase in November 08 with a gain of 35,000 jobs.  Job growth in the industry averaged 30,000 a month over the prior 12 months.  Further, high tech jobs, financial analysis, business management and technical consulting services each added jobs in 2009.

Average hourly earnings of production and nonsupervisory workers has increased steadily over the last year,  Also, the consumer price index (CPI) or aggregate price of goods/services is down .1% from last month. 

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