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5 U.S. Visa Interview Tips

Note: Article copied with permision from usa-fvisa.com 

Below are 5 things to do when conducting the US visa interview

Situation in home country

Before you schedule your interview, watch the political, economic, or physical (earthquakes, tsunamis, etc) situations in your home country. For example, if there are political tensions, the U.S. embassy may be flocked with applicants seeking asylum. In that case, all the visa officers will be busy with the asylum cases, so they will deny non-immigrant visas because they don't have the staff to be able to process the visa workload. Therefore, it would be best for you to wait to go in for the visa interview at a later time. You may want to double check what is going on by asking applicants who have gone in for the visa interview. If it seems like everyone is getting denied, then you should wait.

Have documentation organized

Because the visa officers are very busy, you should do your best to present your case in an organized and precise way. Bring all your documentation in a folder and have it organized so you can easily find each document and quickly present it to the visa officer. He/she will appreciate the efforts you have made to make the interview go smoothly and quickly. You may even consider having a cover letter which notes what each document is for, and where it is located in the folder or notebook. This will help you quickly locate the material. Also, the visa officer will see that you are fully prepared to present documentation to back up your case.

Conduct the interview in English

Don't be tempted to conduct the interview in your native language. You need to prove to the visa officer that you can indeed communicate in English.

Come to the interview dressed as you would a job interview

First impressions speak a thousand words. Although it is not a requirement, you should come to the interview dressed in a professional manner. And understand that this does not necessarily mean come dressed "western" style. Whatever is considered "professional wear" in your home country will suffice. You want to visually show the visa officer that you can be professional and successful in a U.S. master Curricular Practical Training (CPT) program.

Visit the U.S. embassy website for the consulate where you will be interviewed.

Every consulate website has slightly different suggestions, necessary documents and procedures. It would be a good idea to view the website for the consulate where you will be interviewing.

If you have any questions about the visa interview, please do contact us.  We are happy to answer your questions.

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