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My U.S. Visa Interview Experience

by Abbie Bajaj

I had an interview on September 4, 2009 at 9:00 am, in Mumbai. I arrived at the VFS office by 8:30 and waited in the lounge.

My number was called and I went back to the line near my announced window.  There were three students in front of me, I was the last in line, and I saw all the students before me getting their visas and coming out of the interview happily.

Finally, it was my turn to be interviewed.

VO:How are you Today ??

Me:I am good, Thank you

VO:How can I help you today?

Me: I am here to obtain my VISA so that I can pursue my masters in Business Administration in Health Care  from Northwest Christian University.

      I belong to a small village where the amenities of the hospitals are not good.  My Father is a doctor and runs a hospital on a small scale, and I want to complete my masters in Health Care so I can work with my father to develop a large hospital. By doing so, I would be able to provide good amenities for the people.

VO: Why did you Pick this school?

Me: I am a pharmacist and I have enough technical knowledge but I want to learn managerial skills.

I have seen the Course Curriculum of the Northwest Christian University which is very relevant to the area where I want to grow and gain knowledge.

And also Dr. Steve Anderson, who is a professor there, has many years of experience in health care and has worked for a non-profit organization in health care.  I want to study under his guidance.

VO: Why do you want to study in the US

Me: I would like to go and get a US masters degree, because I have found that the applicants who do have the US degree and experience are much more likely to get the higher position in a company with an astronomical salary.

Health care is the new booming sector in India and if I have the US degree with some experience  it will lead to better life in India.

VO: How will you fund your studies?

Me:My parents and my brother are the major and complete sponsors for me, and are willing to pay for my complete 2 years of education. 

VO:What is your father's annual income?

Me: He earns 6 lac per year.

VO:How many siblings do you have?

Me: I have one elder brother, he is a software engineer and he is working in IBM, in Qatar and is earning 24 lac annually.

There was a silence for few seconds while he was typing some of the the information on his computer.  Then after a while he returned my i20 and said:

VO: Okay this is your i20 and you will need it while traveling..

Me (slightly confused):I am sorry?

VO (looking shocked): Congratulations you got your VISA

Me (surprised, and excited): Oh! thank you, sir.

I left the office very pleased and happy.  I couldn't wait to tell my parents the good news. 

Conclusion: Confidence is something which can help you to get your VISA, I was confident and that is the reason he didn't ask me about my GRE/GMATE score and documents.

Tips :

-Be confident


-Keep eye contact.

-Read the material seriously which HTIR provides you.

Finally, I want to thank Nancy for her guidance and support.

Abhinav Bajaj


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