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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is recommended for students studying abroad, as it can come in handy financially if a health or family emergency occurs.

Many different types of travel insurances are available, so look for a plan that will best match your study abroad plans.

* Health insurance: Travel insurance sometimes will cover health insurance in a foreign country. Check your university first to see if the university can provide you with better health insurance options.

* Emergency trip home: When leaving for a study-abroad experience, most students have no intention of returning home until the experience has ended. But these plans could change if there is a sudden death in the family or other unexpected event that would require the student's presence.

* Cancelled plans: Purchasing travel insurance when you purchase your flights to the United States ensures you have financial protection if you are unable to embark on the study-abroad experience for whatever reason and have to cancel your flights. The most common reasons for cancellation include documentation like visas or passports not being processed quickly enough, paperwork with the University not filed appropriately, or a change of mind on the part of the student.

* Lost luggage: When you're moving for a longer period of time to a foreign country, you want to have some comforts of home with you. But when luggage is lost or damaged on the journey to the United State, having travel insurance can help a student quickly become established without too much hassle.

Travel insurance can provide students with a safety net for any emergencies that pop up. While not required, it is recommended, just to give students peace of mind while they're embarking on a study-abroad experience.

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