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My First Thanksgiving in the U.S.A.

by Jessie Chen Facebook

Last Thursday, I was invited to my host family for celebrating one of the most important holidays in the US -- Thanksgiving. I had heard about this holiday for a long time, about the turkey, the pumpkin pie, and the family gathering, but this was my very first time celebrating this holiday. It was also my first Thanksgiving in the US. I had a great fun with the Bauer family, who hosted me when I arrived in Eugene and always take good care of me.

Colleen, the host lady, planned to have dinner as early as 4:00pm, so right after I had arrived their house, I started helping her prepare the dinner. Since Colleen's oldest daughter would prepare turkey, we only had to make some side dishes. Colleen mainly took charge of making the desserts, appetizer, and the broccoli salad, I prepared the vegetable salad and fruit salad, and her husband David prepared the mashed potato.

Almost the whole Bauer family had presented except the family of Colleen's second oldest daughter, and her son also invited a Chinese student from UofO. We had candles and flowers on the table, and everyone was excited with a warm smile. I felt as if I was celebrating the holiday with my own family members. We passed around all the dishes one by one. I like the stuffing in the turkey very much, as well as the broccoli salad. I made a mistake when asking McKenna, Colleen's oldest granddaughter, if she would like any turkey. "Would you like some turkeys?" said I, and she answered "yes". However, I realized that I made a funny grammar mistake, and we laughed out.

At the end of the dinner, we started asking each other what he or she was thankful. When I was asked what I was thankful, I answered that I was extremely thankful to be hosted by the Bauer family, who were always taking good care of me. And I really meant it from the bottom of my heart.  This dinner meant more than simply a Thanksgiving dinner to me; it meant love and care from the Bauer family, which made me never feel lonely while staying in Eugene.


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