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Seven Reasons to Become a Healthcare Manager

Written by Bob Freeman. 2009

Reason 1: Making a difference: Decisions made by healthcare executives improve the lives of hundreds, even thousands of people every day. Healthcare leaders have a sense of social mission; they care deeply about the people they work with and serve. And hospitals and healthcare organizations provide ideal opportunities for those who want to do well by doing good.

Reason 2: Broad career opportunities: Healthcare is the largest industry in the U.S., and the second largest employer with more than 11 million jobs. Virtually all new private sector jobs over the past five years came from healthcare; and the sector continues to grow faster than most other segments. And international healthcare opportunities are equally vast. Furthermore, unlike many traditional management programs, graduates of healthcare management programs can find significant health-related opportunities in areas ranging from small rural communities to large metropolitan areas and throughout the world.

Reason 3: Excellent earning potential: Students pursuing healthcare careers have excellent earning potential. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical and health service managers earned an average annual salary of $81,160 in 2006. Senior healthcare executives with more experience and achievements can earn $100,000 or significantly more.

Reason 4: Career flexibility: A graduate degree in healthcare  can take you in many different and exciting directions. In addition to more traditional careers within health-service organizations, graduates work in many other areas including pharmaceutical and health insurance companies; management consulting; long-term care facilities; professional societies and state and federal agencies. Further, there are tremendous opportunities for global healthcare managers including international government agencies, and worldwide charitable organizations.

Reason 5: Management and advancement potential : Healthcare offers an excellent career ladder allowing people the option to take on roles in different sectors of the field over the course of their careers. The core skill-sets you develop in a healthcare management program provides a competitive advantage within the healthcare sector. In addition, these skills transfer readily across a variety of industries, providing flexibility for non-health sector positions as well.

Reason 6: Visible and valued Role in the community: Healthcare executives typically are highly respected members of their communities. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations are among the largest employers in many communities and their organizations positively impact the health of the populations they serve and the well-being of their community.

Reason 7: Continual self-improvement: Healthcare management is a career that values continual self-improvement and education, and many employers encourage continued professional development. Many organizations often support tuition remission or in-service training for new skills. Innovation and continuous learning will be a part of the job from the day you start.

Written by Bob Freeman.  Source: Mandel, M. & Weber, J. (2006, September 25). What's really propping up the economy. Business Week, 54-62.


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