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Resume and Cover Letter

Resumes and cover letters are what will get you an interview.  Clear, concise resumes are important because the employer does not have much time to read through each resume.  You want to organize your resume so it contains your information in an efficient and quickly readable format. Start with your, name and contact information, followed by your experience, education and skills.  You should not list personal data, such as birth date, marital status, children, etc.  However, make sure your name and contact information is in a very visible area. If possible limit your resume to one page.   

Because you are an international candidate, you will want to place extra emphasis on your English skills.    However, it is important to be HONEST about your English ability.  Honesty is very important in the United States, and lying on your resume will not only get you fired, but could also give you a bad reputation.  You should clarify on the resume what level you can speak, read and write.  If you can speak any other language you should mention this as well. 

A potential employer may not be familiar with your native country, thus it is important to explain a bit about the companies you have worked for in your home country.  Each explanation should only be one or two sentences long.

You will need to state on your resume or cover letter that you are authorized to work in the U.S. Make sure and specify why you are authorized and what visa you are on.  HTIR or the university staff will assist you in explaining your work authorization.

Your cover letter should be a selective summary of your resume.  In the cover letter you may take the opportunity to emphasize your strengths and experience related to the position for which you are applying. 

Also, lets not forget the "Thank you" letter that should follow the interview.

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