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Renting in the US?  Renter Insurance is Recommended

Some international students choose to live in off-campus apartments during their study abroad experience in the United States. Once students find an apartment, they have the option to pay for renter�s insurance, which can give them better financial security during their stay.

When renting an apartment in a foreign country, nobody wants to think that it could be damaged by high winds, floods or fire. But unfortunately, anything could happen � and sometimes does. Typically, renters insurance covers:

* Personal belongings � If a natural disaster, fire, or plumbing problem destroyed your belongings inside the apartment, or thieves took your things from the apartment, your insurance coverage is designed to replace those belongings. Students can establish a replacement coverage value by determining what it would cost them to replace everything. You can find helpful charts and calculators online to help determine replacement value, or your insurance carrier should be able to provide you with a chart.

* Living expenses reimbursement � When an apartment becomes uninhabitable due to disasters or a plumbing problem, renter�s insurance can help reimburse students for expenses they might face for paying for a hotel room, having to eat out all the time or even transportation costs.

* Injuries to visitors in the unit � Injuries can happen at any time. But if a visitor were to be injured in your apartment, and decided to sue you to pay for any medical treatment, having renter�s insurance on hand can cover those costs.

Many companies offer renter�s insurance, so be sure to compare the plans to find coverage that best fits your living situation, as well as your budget.


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