Profile of Excellence: Sareh
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Profile of Excellence: Serah Karumbo

SarehThis week we continue a series of short articles that focus on individual students, called, "Profile in Excellence." In light of that, we proudly introduce to you, Serah Karumbo, a new graduate student at a U.S. University in California. She arrived just this semester from Kenya. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in International Business Administration at United States International University in Nairobi, Kenya. While at USIU Serah maintained high marks, earning her a place on the coveted Dean�s List for three semesters. Serah, who is also an artist, has experience working in both banking and real estate and is preparing to begin her internship program which is part of her course of study for her M.B.A. 

The following are her thoughts regarding some questions we asked her recently:

PIE: What was your first impression after arriving in the U.S.?

SK: The people were friendly; the streets were beautiful and clean. I loved the architecture but I was shocked to see homeless people who begged for money on the streets.

PIE: What are your thoughts about studying?

SK: Studying basically improves one�s knowledge in the subject area and improves one�s perception of life.

PIE: What kind of jobs have you had?

SK: I have worked for banks both as a banker and as a customer service representative. I have also worked for a real estate company as an accounts assistant.

PIE: What did you like the most and the least about a job you have had?

SK: What I liked most was working with clients at Barclays Bank and making extra commissions from selling mobile banking services. What I liked least was being paid less than others with the same qualifications.

PIE: In what ways have you been able to help others?

SK: I helped take care of orphans on a daily basis at Mama Fauzia Children's Home. I am also a member of Better Community Aid Foundation which provides skills and knowledge to the youth who are unable to advance their education. We appreciate Serah for agreeing to participate in this series, without hesitation. She seems to embody all the qualities�ambition, self-motivation, team-player�that not only make for excellence in academics or business� but in all aspects of life.

Good luck, Serah!