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Personal Safety on Campus

College campuses are great places to hang out while studying or socializing with friends and classmates. They are usually patrolled by security and police officers, who help keep buildings and property within the campus boundaries safe for students and staff. Students should also take precautions themselves to help increase their safety while on campus. For example:

* Always travel with another student � In the evenings, and especially during the late night hours, there are fewer students and staff on campuses. Walking with a classmate or friend, or taking campus transportation, is recommended.

* Carry a cellphone at all times � Cellphones provide students with the ability to call friends and emergency services when needed. See HTIR Work Study, USA�s report on cell services.

* Know your destination � The first few weeks on campus can be very confusing for all students, including international students. Many universities offer tours for new students, showing all the buildings on campus. You can also study campus maps carefully to learn the layout, and where buildings you will be using are located. Also, don�t be afraid to ask other students � it�s a great way to meet new people.

* Additional personal protection � Students can legally carry additional protection like pepper spray or loud whistles � small items that attach to a key chain or fit into a pocket. However, it�s a good idea to learn how to properly use these items. Pepper spray can easily blow back and hit the face of the person using it.

* Self-defense classes � Many universities offer self-defense classes for students, giving you additional information on how to protect your personal safety.

In addition, always use your common sense. Stay alert and pay attention to your surroundings to help protect your personal safety.

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