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Places to Meet People on and off Campus

Moving to a new country creates the opportunity to make new friends from around the world. And students studying abroad in the United States can quickly meet new people around campus, in class and off campus.

Where can students go to meet new people?

On campus:

* Dorms provide many social gathering occasions. Check the dorm schedule for the next meet-and-greet.

* Campus clubs � Look for postings about different campus organizations and groups, and plan to visit a meeting that piques your interests.

* Dining halls � Where there�s food, there�s a social gathering. Check out the different dining halls to find fellow students with whom you can hang out.

* Class projects � Classroom learning isn�t just about studying � it�s also a place to network and make friends.

Off campus:

* The office � Employees often become friends because they spend so much time working together and because they often have similar interests via their careers. Some office workplaces will schedule department gatherings, such as lunchtime picnics in the park or an after-work happy hour.

* Places of worship � Search the Internet for listings of different religious institutions in your area. Make a visit to one or more to find a good fit.

* Volunteer � Finding an organization that needs help can introduce you to many new people of all different backgrounds.

* Internet social groups � The Internet has many opportunities for people with similar interests to meet � whether they share the same hobby or want to practice the same sport. Many of these groups are free to join and do not require any membership fees, making them a great opportunity for study-abroad students.

This list is just the beginning of ways international students can meet other students and people in the community. Get out and get involved, and soon you�ll be planning gatherings with all your new friends.

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