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Questions to Ask Your Landlord

In case you do not know, a landlord is the person or company from whom you rent an apartment or a house. 

Here are some questions that international students should plan on asking landlords, allowing those moving to the United States to get settled in easily.

1. Utility contact information: If you are responsible for paying for your utilities (water, gas, electric and garbage), ask your landlord for the contact information of the service provider so you can get those services switched over to your name.

2. Transportation services: In larger cities, bus lines often connect apartment complexes with the rest of the city. Ask your landlord to provide you with the bus company name, so you can look up schedules and routes. Your landlord can also supply contact information for taxi cab services to help you get out and about. If you plan to acquire a car during your stay in the U.S., be sure to ask your landlord about parking for your vehicle.

3. Cable/Satellite TV:Television reception and services vary from city to city in the United States, and your landlord will know the names of providers covering your neighborhood. You will have to do your own research to compare prices and services, but having a list of providers will make the task much easier.

4. Phone providers:Your landlord may be familiar with which cellphone and landline phone services are the best for where your apartment is located. You will need to research which services will provide you the best coverage for calling internationally, as well as when you're travelling around the United States.

5. Location of stores: Being new to a community is overwhelming at first, especially when you're trying to find grocery stores or convenience stores to help furnish your apartment. Your landlord can give you this information, as well as where local banks, worship centers, restaurants and libraries are located.

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