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Appropriate Questions to ask during a Job Interview


A job interview in the United States is an exciting and sometimes frightening experience. This is the opportunity to present your skills to a potential employer, highlighting how you will benefit the company as an employee. During the job interview, ask questions to help you gain knowledge about the company and the position, and also to show the company that you're interested in the position.

Research the company before your interview

Learn as much as you can about the company before the interview.   If you have questions that aren't answered on the company's website or media reports, jot them down to ask at the interview. Ask questions that would pertain to the work you'd be doing for the company - or how the company would affect you as an employee. Something like "How do company leaders encourage employees to be involved in company growth?" can give insight into both company growth expectations internally, as well as expectations of employees. These questions should help you decide if want to work for this company. 

Research the position before the interview. 

Find out what skill sets the new postion needs.  This way you can focus on the skill sets you have that relate to the position, thereby showing the interviewer that you are a great candidate for the job.  Don't be afraid to ask additional questions about the position.  All the details might not be in the research you have conducted, or the position may have changed slightly. 

Ask questions about the work you�ll be doing.

Is travel involved? What kind of interaction will you have with customers or the public? Will you be in a quiet cubical setting, or a busy area? Would you be expected to be on call all hours of the day, and if so, does the company provide you with the equipment like a laptop or smartphone to handle work while away from the office? Some of these questions may be answered through the job description, so be sure to carefully read that prior to the interview.

Ask about company culture.

Why is the position open? Is it a new position or is the company filling a vacancy? Are employees expected or encouraged to work overtime?  What is the layout of the office?  These answers can give you insight into the workplace community.

Don't ask about Salary or Benefits.

During the job interview, you should not ask about salary unless the person conducting the interview brings up the topic.  It is best to wait until you have a job offer.  This gives you more advantage in negotiating your salary based on the position you have been offered.

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