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What to Wear to a Job Interview

In the American business world, professional dress is highly recommended for a job interview. When interviewing for a job, what you wear is very important, because it shows the person conducting the interview that you consider the job to be an important position, and you want to look like a qualified candidate. Some tips for appropriate clothing to wear to a professional job interview include:

Business attire.

Business suits for both men and women are considered appropriate. Men can wear ties. Women are encouraged to wear close-toed shoes, as well as a blouse that does not expose cleavage. Women can wear pants or a skirt, but are recommended to keep the skirt longer in length and not overly tight.


Business suits tend to be basic in color � usually dark blues, browns or black. However, throwing a splash of color into the mix can brighten your appearance, bringing a cheerful sense of personality to your outfit. Consider adding this color with a tie or shirt for men and a scarf or blouse for women.

Cultural or religious clothing.

The United States has laws preventing companies from discriminating against potential employees based on religion or nationality. If you prefer to wear a certain item of clothing, for example a hijab, based on your cultural or religious practices to your interview, feel free to do so. However, if you�re applying to work in an industry where uniforms are required for personal safety, once you�re hired you�ll have to work out a solution with your boss.

Overall appearance.

Arrive at the interview clean, and not heavily scented with perfume or cologne. Women are encouraged to wear their hair in conservative hairstyles, either pulled back neatly in a clip or bun or calmly hanging long. Men should keep facial and head hair neatly trimmed for the most professional look.

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