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Identification You Should Carry at all Times

Once settled into the United States, study abroad students don�t need to worry about carrying around important identifying information like a passport. Rather, students should store these important documents in a secure place.

Most universities issue a student identification (ID) card, and you should carry yours at all times, especially whenever you�re on campus.  These IDs give students access to almost everything on campus, including buildings and events. Many universities also incorporate a student account via the ID, allowing students to purchase meals, laundry services and even vending machine foods using the card. In neighboring communities, showing a student ID card can also result in discounts at restaurants or service-providing companies.

Some job sites will also issue an ID, and students will be advised by their work supervisor how the ID should be used in the work place.

Students also have the option to apply for a state ID, which verifies your date of birth, signature and address in the United States. A state ID can be handy to use as a photo ID when needed for making a credit card purchase or for buying age-restricted items like tobacco and alcohol.

Other situations where IDs like a passport, driver�s license from your home country, or proof of temporary residency may be needed include:

* Setting up a checking or savings account in a bank.

* Renting a car.

* Purchasing plane tickets to visit other areas of the country.

* Renting an apartment.

It�s important for students to keep their forms of identification secure at all times. Documents that are not needed on a daily basis should be safely stored at home, and you should keep a close eye on documents like a student ID or state ID at all times.

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