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My Opinion about Healthcare in the U.S.

by Jessie Chen

Last Thursday, I attended the lecture from a trustee of Northwest Christian University. As the CEO of Mckenzie Willamette Medical Center in Eugene, the lecture is a very successful business lady in the healthcare administration. Her lecture was mainly about the recent ethics issues and cases in the healthcare industry.

From her lecture, she mentioned that the healthcare professionals are eagerly needed in this country. However, I was very puzzled why healthy people do not pay attention to their health before getting. In my opinion, besides training doctors and nurses, the healthcare industry also has the responsibilities to proactively train healthy people how to lead a healthy way. Most of the diseases can be prevented and predicted.

Actually in most of the east Asian countries, such as China, people have discovered a food treatment system. Chinese believe that the body temperature of a human will determine if he or she lives in a healthy way. Most diseases are caused by unbalanced body temperatures, while from different types of foods and their combinations, human beings can maintain their body temperature, so that people can live in a healthy way. Some doctors from Chinese traditional medicines have written several books related to this point of view. Most of them also recommended people to try the food treatment system instead of traditional Chinese or western medical therapies.  Foods recommended in the food treatment system are natural, inexpensive, and frequently seen in our daily life. It takes time for the food treatment system to maintain a person's health, so the person need to be persistent and strong willed. However, this system avoids harming the person's health by the side effects of the medical treatment and therapies.

A friend of mine actually told me that most people in the US do not believe there is a healthy way of living. If the food treatment system can be imported to the US, i would be very helpful for people in the US who want to lead a healthy life. Meanwhile,the healthcare industry would probably face another problem. If most of people in the US believe and start to lead a healthy way of life, will the profits for the healthcare organizations be brought down?

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