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Tips for Bringing Electronics to the U.S. and Plugging them in

With technology so prominent in a student's daily life, there's a good chance you're going to want to bring some electronics with you to the United States while you're at school here. However, because America runs off a different current than many other parts of the world, you probably won't be able to plug in your electric items, or worse, you may plug them in only to find they get damaged or cause a fire. Here's what you need to know about plugging in your electronics in the United States:

* The outlets found all across the United States fit type A plugs. Type A plugs are two flat, parallel blades or pins. If you hold your hands out in front of you, parallel to each other as if you were about to clap, this is what the blades resemble. Some outlets and plugs have been upgraded so that the left blade and corresponding outlet hole are a little larger than the right. These upgraded plugs are polarized, and this redesign allows them to only be inserted one way.

* Outlets found along walls in homes and offices will distribute 120 volts of power at 60 hertz. If you rent an apartment, you may discover other outlets in the home with different shaped outlets behind larger appliances like your range or dryer. These outlets have higher voltage, and will not fit a traditional plug.

* Conversion kits are available for sale online and in retail stores in the United States, providing students with the ability to plug their foreign electronics into American outlets, and use the electronics without causing any power surges, potentially damaging the technology or the building.

* If you purchase any electronic devices in the United States, they will all work using the outlets. But there is a chance you will not be able to use them when you return back home without a conversion kit.

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