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A Personal Touch at Lincoln University

by Sushil Titus Thambu

Let me introduce you to Carmen and Jerry Slack. They are an integral part of HTIR's Co-op (work-study) program, and some of the greatest people I have met in the United States of America. Carmen and Jerry work with the Faculty at the University, helping International Students understand American Laws, rules and regulations and finding jobs depending on each student's capabilities, education, knowledge and previous work experiences.   Classes are conducted every week at the university, helping us understand the cultural differences and work ethics at the work place. They also provide us with work opportunities in organizations and refer us to these positions. Personally I have seen them, work as a team and with students, working on their resume, encouraging them for every job or internship program, that they have applied for. With the help, support and encouragement that Carmen and Jerry have given me, I have had the opportunity to become a successful independent Insurance agent licensed in California, working with American Income Life Insurance Company. This has given me the opportunity to receive the International exposure and experience I need for my MBA in International Business with the CPT Program.   The personal touch, they have with students was evident, when they took the time off, from their busy schedule to visit us at the hospital when my son was born. I would like to thank HTIR  (work-study) program for introducing me to Carmen and Jerome Slack. I would recommend this program and the people behind it, to anyone!   -Sushil Titus Thambu SPR 2009-

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