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Gain work experience along with a higher education degree and become a strong candidate in today's competitive global job market!

GREAT NEWS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS!  If your school IS NOT going to be open for in-person-only instruction due to COVID-19, and therefore, due to current US visa policy, you will not be issued a visa, HTIR has univerisities offering alternatives for you.  Contact us for more information!

Off-Campus Job Opportunities

Off-campus paid jobs, up to 40 hours a week, are available through these work study opportunities. Get PAID career experience working in companies while studying for your higher educational degree! Note: due to Covid-19, schools are now offering other options.  Contact us for more information.

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Get Started Now — Find an Opportunity

Great News! The Most Affordable Master Degrees in the USA at this time are ‘COMBINATION” programs which offer “Work-and-Earn-While-You-Study” opportunities which you can start now.  HTIR WORK-STUDY can do a search for you of such universities and locate for you a graduate school which can best fit your goals and budget. The “combination” programs consist of the following:
1.     First, taking up to 6 graduate courses of Online study in your Home Country (with a 25% discount of tuition for each class taken), and then,
2.     Secondly, taking the remainder of the courses in your degree program in the USA at the school we find for you where you can work and earn in paid off-campus employment until you graduate, and then,
3.     Third, staying one more year (or more for STEM majors), of working in the USA in Optional Practical Training in an American company

Express your interest in work and study opportunities by completing this form. Click the "Submit Form" button to send a message to our office. Our representative will contact you to follow up on your request and discuss your needs and how we can help you find a suitable fit for your interests.