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About HTIR Work and Study

HTIR Work-Study was started in the 90's by an immigration attorney who specializes in assisting candidates in getting student visas in order to come to the USA to work while studying.  In the last 20 years, HTIR has helped thousands of students obtain their F-1 USA visa to come to the U.S. for their studies.  HTIR has recently expanded and is now offering opportunities in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and many more countries. 

HTIR mission is to find affordable schools, which have some kind of employment opportunity available during the student's degree program.  Read about the different kinds of employment opportunities available to international students.  Further, HTIR has co-created work-study programs at a few universities, where master students wanting to apply to high quality colleges and universities, can participate in full-time, paid, practical training employment to enhance their educational experience, as well as, earn money to help pay for their eduational expenses. 

HTIR finds schools which have one or more of the following criteria:

Scholarships: Many universities and organizations have scholarships available to intenrational students as early as the first semester of study.

Affordable Tuition: There are many high quality schools that have affordable tuition.

Student Loans: Some of the schools, as well as private organizations, have payment plans available for international students.

Free Tuition: There are some schools which offer free tuition to qualified students.

Work: Most of these schools will have some form of legal employment opportunity for international students.  Most of the schools we find offer a work and study opportunity, where master students can work in full-time, off-campus, paid employment, as early as the first semester of the degree program in order to enhance their educational experience.   Read more about the different work opportunities for international students.

Earn: Students earn money while participating in these employment options, for which they can use to pay for educational and living expenses.